Vision and Mission

The mission of our school is the development of students in their intellectual, artistic and physical talents so that they come out confident and ready to face the world.  Unlike the schools that take in only the affluent after strict screening for academic prowess, and then boast about their achievements, St Aloysius is open to all sections of the society.  We provide personal care and attention in a most disciplined and peaceful atmosphere.  We provide healthy opportunities for cross cultural mingling that will ultimately make our students better citizens,  well aware of the social reality in which they live.

The staff and the students work harmoniously with an exalted sense of purpose inspiring our community to transcend barriers and to mobilize positive change.

Our institution exercises highest professional standards and innovative instructional practices despite the limitations and difficulties of catering to the underprivileged. Along with academic excellence the school aims at the formation of students rooted in values and moral certitude.


St Aloysius Higher Secondary School has a long history spanning over a century.  The school has been a guiding light to hundreds of thousands of people from Kuttanad as it was one of the earliest educational institutions in the vicinity.  In 1998 the school was upgraded as a Higher Secondary School after the decision of the Government of Kerala to bifurcate Pre Degree from colleges.  The higher secondary section of the school has a strength of 600 students studying under three streams.

The Crest

The emblem of St Aloysius Higher Secondary School is both beautiful and meaningful.  The major colour of the crest is blue which signifies the beauty and serenity of the land rich with water bodies.  The colour also signifies peace which is a prerequisite for understanding. A map of India and the national emblem occupies the central portion of the crest.  The open book at the top signifies learning.  The motto which is a small prayer in itself is inscribed at the bottom which is a line from Cardinal Newman.



St Aloysius

St. Aloysius was born in Castiglione, Italy. He was destined for the military by his father who was in service to Philip II, but by the age of 9 Aloysius had decided on a religious life. A kidney disease prevented St. Aloysius from a full social life for a while, so he spent his time in prayer and reading the lives of the saints. Although he was appointed a page in Spain, St. Aloysius kept up his many devotions and austerities, and was quite resolved to become a Jesuit. When he was 18, he joined the Jesuits, after finally breaking down his father, who had refused his entrance into the order. He served in a hospital during the plague of 1587 in Milan, and died from it at the age of 23, after receiving the last rites from St. Robert Bellarmine. He was beatified by pope Gregory XV in 1621 and canonized by Benedict XIII in 1726.  Pope Benedict XIII also declared him to be the patron saint of young students in 1729.