Codes and Policies

Dress Code
Because of the following reasons there is a uniform dress code for the students of St Aloysius'
to encourage students to respect each other for who they are, not for the content of their wardrobe
to discourage fashion statements on campus
to reduce distractions in the learning environment
to identify students on campus and on their way to school and back
Uniform is compulsory for all students on all working days. Students shall wear their ID tags visibly on campus as well as on their way.  The boys are required to tuck in their shirts and wear a belt. Dress should be neat, clean and must be free of tears, holes or frayed edges.  Low rise pants are not allowed. On liturgy days girls should bring scarves.
Second Year
Aloysian Sky Blue shirts, Deep Blue trousers and black  belt.
Shirt should be tucked in.
First Year
Aloysian Lavender shirts, Deep Blue trousers and black  belt.
Shirt should be tucked in.
Second Year
Aloysian Sky Blue Shirt, Deep Blue trousers and specially designed overcoat
First Year
Aloysian Lavender Shirt, Deep Blue trousers and specially designed overcoat
There may be days during the school year when the dress code is relaxed and on those days students may wear colour dress but they should be modest and in keeping with the academic atmosphere of the campus.
Hair Style
As a matter of courtesy, caps are not allowed inside school building. Hair, including facial hair, must be neat, clean, of a natural human hair color, neatly groomed, and must not be distracting
Two wheelers except bicycles are strictly prohibited.
Mobile Phones
Government of Kerala have banned the use of mobile phones by students on school campus.  Actions stipulated under law will be initiated against those who use them on campus.
Objectionable Material
Electronic gadgets with memory storage, optical storage devices and cameras are not allowed on campus.  Use of objectionaZ
Students should bring school diary every day.
Absence from School
Leave should be marked in the diary and it should be signed by the parent.  Signatures of the principal and class teacher should be obtained against the application for leave
School Timing
After the third bell no student will be allowed in.  Meals and drinking water should be brought by the student as they will not be allowed to go out of the campus before 4.30 pm